Rahm Songs

by Andrew Francis



There's a new Mayor in the city of Chicago these days, so some of my Chicago-themed tunes needed updates. Unfortunately, the more things change, the more they stay the same. I really only had to swap out Mayor Daley and replace him with Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

The first three songs were featured prominently in Mark Konkol's (twitter.com/KonkolsKorner) DNAinfo Chicago article from May 19, 2014. Be sure to read that too: www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20140519/ohare/andrew-francis-talkin-chicago-blues-protest-songs-get-new-life

I Got Dibs was featured in Mark's article from February 7, 2015. Read it here: www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20150217/logan-square/chicago-folk-singer-known-for-protest-songs-pens-dibs-inspired-spiritual


released May 20, 2014

All songs written and copyright Andrew Francis 2014.



all rights reserved


Andrew Francis Chicago, Illinois

Andrew Francis is a song-writing folk singer living and performing in the city of Chicago, located in the Midwestern United States.

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Track Name: The Talkin' CTA Blues (Rahm Emanuel Version)
Now I went down to a Blue Line station to see what kind of delays I'd be facing. They told me everything was fine, that I would be right on time, as long as I didn't mind a little smoke in my face, and being stuck underground for fifty-nine minutes straight. Well, I had a little extra time so I figured I'd give it a try. I swiped my Ventra Card, went through the turnstile, got overcharged. And then I waited, and waited and waited, and I debated if it woulda been faster to ride the bus, or drive a car, or hop on my bike, or walk or crawl, or just stay right at home. Then down the line come a rattling train, so I hoped aboard and I went on my way. I sat in a seat that was facing backwards, so I wasn't quite sure where we were. Felt like I was going back, straight into the past, before I had a cell phone or an ipad or any electrical gadget that could distract me from home bad Chicago's public transportation is. Well the train went from stop to stop and people got on and off, until deep down in the subway tunnel the train must've hit a mighty big, sticky, wet mud puddle. Came to a screeching halt. And no matter what anybody says, it wasn't my fault. I was just minding my own business. Well it wasn't long before the conductor woke and I sure was glad that the CTA's loud speakers are never broke. He said something that sounded exactly like this [crackling noise]. I understood him perfectly. He said that for over an hour and then the power went off and people started to cough and yell, get sweaty and smell, started to kiss each other and pray out loud and bang on the doors and exit the train and then get blamed for making a bad situation worse. Well it wasn't until after the real sparks flew that Rahm Emanuel said, "Hey, I think there's a problem with the CTA too!" But I'm willing to cut him some slack cause he's got a whole lot of great city improvements on track. Like a billion dollars to build a basketball arena by twenty-sixteen, and making sure that the downtown part of the city is nice and clean, gotta keep the tourists happy and feeling good cause they're never coming out to the neighborhoods, riding the trains, going to the schools, getting shot, or living in the city that works for about one percent of the people.
Track Name: Mister Mayor Says (I'm Guided by the Love of Gold) (Rahm Emanuel Version)
Mister Mayor says, Mister Mayor says, Mister Mayor says, Mister Mayor says, Mister Mayor says, "I'm guided by the love of gold!"

"I'll tell it to the East, I'll tell it to the West, I'll tell everyone that I am the best!" Mister Mayor says, "I'm guided by the love of gold!"

Mister Mayor says, "If the price is right, I'll try to sell the day and I'll try to sell the night." Mister Mayor says, "I'm guided by the love of gold!"

"Now, if I've got something that you must have, just place your bid, everything's up for grabs!" Mister Mayor says, "I'm guided by the love of gold!"

"Cause the parking meters fetched a hefty sum, so I sold 'em on a walk and I sold 'em on a run." Mister Mayor says, "I'm guided by the love of gold!"

"And I'd rather go swimming with a Late Night host, then try to fix schools or fill pot holes." Mister Mayor says, "I'm guided by the love of gold!"

"If you offer me the sweetest deal, I'll sign anything Rahm Emanuel." Mister Mayor says, "I'm guided by the love of gold!"

"But there's only one thing that you can't buy, that's my job, I'll keep it until I die." Mister Mayor says, "I'm guided by the love of gold!"
Track Name: The Talkin' Red Light Blues
Now let me tell you people, I don't mean to complain,
But the CTA is at it again.
I just read, the other day,
That none of the bus drivers like to obey
Any red lights, that just might, be getting in their way.

You may say, "That ain't so bad."
But I'll tell you something that'll make you feel so sad.
You'll never guess who pays the tickets
That all the bus drivers get.
It's you and it's me. It's everybody, but them.

Well, I wouldn't take such an issue
With paying the traffic tickets due,
But something about it seems so funny
And since they're using my money,
I'd like to know, if the buses are running all the red lights,
Then why are they still so goddamn slow?

Now, I'm sure our Mayor, who says, "Safety First!"
Will put a stop to this getting worse.
It's not like he's ever been caught
Speeding through lights, breaking the law.
So if you ever see his car go whizzing by,
Please keep in mind he's a very busy guy.

So, I've sung you my song and it ain't very long,
It may be right and it may be wrong.
It wasn't meant to make you mad,
Just to point out that we're all being had.
And it's gonna last until everybody starts to ask,
"Why do I gotta put up with that?"
Track Name: I Got Dibs
I got dibs, you got dibs, all God's kids got dibs! When I get to Heaven, gonna take my dibs! Dibs all over God's Heaven. Heaven! Heaven! Everybody talkin' 'bout Heaven ain't a-goin' there! Heaven! Heaven! Dibs all over God's Heaven!

I got mine, you got yours, all God's children got theirs! When I get to Heaven, gonna put out my chairs! Chairs all over God's Heaven!

I need help, you need help, all God's children need help! When I get to Heaven, gonna help myself! Help myself to God's Heaven!

I got a spot, you got a spot, all God's children got spots! When I get to Heaven, God'll show me my spot, way up high in God's Heaven!

I got a right, you got a right, all God's children for rights! When I get to Heaven, God'll read me my rights, way up high in God's Heaven!